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With climate change and global warming such important issues for all of us, it is essential that we all do what we can to conserve our precious water resources. In a major initiative for the industry, the Green Plumbers program is run through the Master Plumbers Association. As an accredited Green Plumber, GRH Plumbing has attended a series of workshops relating to -

  • Climate Care
  • Caring for Our Water
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Water Efficient Technology

Cost savings around your home
GRH Plumbing as your accredited local Green Plumber will be able to assist you in reducing your energy costs around the home without sacrificing personal comfort. This will have the added benefit of improving the environment. They will help you to identify what is required and discuss the options available. This will also include discussing the effects on the environment, and the likely purchase and running costs. With this knowledge you can make an informed decision.

New energy star ratings for appliances
Consumers are aware of the existing electrical energy star rating system for domestic appliances. However, your accredited Green Plumber can discuss the latest changes.

GRH Plumbing - an Accredited Green Plumber

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